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The industry competencies which drive the thrust of FSDH’s lending business reside in the Corporate Banking Group (CBG). The CBG business focus is the result of the bank’s strategic adaptation of the ‘Follow the Cash and Value Chain’ philosophy and centres around providing support to existing and emerging corporate clientele in various sectors of the Nigerian economy including Energy, Telecommunications, General Commerce, Agro Allied, Manufacturing, Power and Real Estate and their value chain members.

Our Corporate Banking Division was created to strategically manage our corporate clients and optimises the institutional knowledge resource base that the bank has built up over the years through its leading financial trading franchise. This knowledge provides our analysts with an holistic perspective of the clients’ needs thus enabling us to offer superior value adding solutions. We understand the unique banking needs of our corporate clients. We make it a point of duty to provide them competitive and flexible banking services and work with them to grow their businesses via our bespoke and specialised lending solutions and support.

Our team includes dedicated professionals physically located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt who have the ability to reach out through strategic partners to the rest of Nigeria, Africa and indeed, all over the world. These individuals have an in-depth knowledge of current industry trends, trends in loan structuring and pricing, and are very active in the corporate banking space.  They are responsible for arranging credit financing for customers and providing loan support for customer portfolio requirements.

Our role in our customers’ businesses depends on the nature of the financing requirements and the clients’ needs. Our capabilities range from short-term individual lending transactions to acting as an administrative agent by leading broader-based syndicated transactions or arranging/participating in club deals for smaller transactions. Our roles are flexible and focused on identifying and meeting the unique needs of each individual customer. We also provide fully underwritten facilities or best efforts arrangements.

Due to the large ticket nature of the transactions we undertake in the sectors that constitute our business focus, we augment our Naira and foreign currency balance sheet funding with a robust funding base consisting of foreign currency multiple credit lines from well-known global correspondent banks, developmental financial institutions, multilateral agencies and strategic partners.

The CBG offers the following services:


International Trade Services

At FSDH, we recognise that each business has its own specific needs and our trade finance desk offers the products to meet clients’ international trade requirements which help mitigate risk, ensure payment security and maximise working capital.

Our trade advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the Nigerian and International markets and can provide you with the advice that you need to safely engage in your international trade transactions using our robust pool of correspondent banks.

Our trade services include:

  • Issuance of Letters of Credit – Inward and Outward

  • Import and Pre-Export finance / re-financing

  • Bills for Collection processing and remitting

  • Form M processing

  • Form A processing and remitting

  • Foreign Guarantees

  • NXP / Export Proceeds processing

FSDH can provide Import Finance Facilities with dual currency availability which can also be structured under the following trade products:

  • Unconfirmed Letters of Credit

  • Usance Letters of Credit / Use of FSDH’s Correspondent Banks’ Confirmation Lines

  • Deferred Letters of Credit

  • Green and Red Clause Letters of Credit

  • Avalized Bills for Collection

Lending Services

Short Tenored Lending

  • Overdraft Facilities – Customers are allowed to draw funds beyond available funds to meet short term needs.

  • Structured Trade Finance – To finance importation of products, equipment and machinery by either Letters of Credit or Bills for Collection using flexible structures.

  • Bankers’ Acceptances – Discounted money market instruments used by non-financial firms to raise funds to finance imports.

  • Commercial Papers – Short-term discounted, unsecured instrument with a maximum maturity of 270 days issued by companies with high credit rating to raise funds to bridge short-term funding gaps and finance working capital requirements.

Medium to Long Tenored Facilities

  • Term / Time Loans: tenored loans for the acquisition of capital assets with periodical repayments (monthly, quarterly, etc.) spread conveniently over a reasonable time frame

  • Project Finance Facilities – financing of medium-to-long-term projects with repayments guaranteed from the milestones receivable of the project

  • Equipment Finance Facilities / Leases – for the financing of capital expenditure, particularly for the purchase of equipment either for specific projects or for regular business needs with convenient, periodic repayment plans

  • Asset Securitization Facilities – for the financing of large value transactions often involving a syndication of banks, using the asset of the customer as the major security

  • Loan Syndications / Club Deals – For very large value transactions involving the alliance of two or more banks to ensure that adequate funding is provided; loans are kept within limits stipulated by the supervising authorities and to spread the risk of the transaction

On-Lending Services

  • We offer on-lending services for clients wishing to access cheaper longer tenored funding from intervention funds and funding from Developmental Finance Institutions

Bonds & Guarentees

  • Advanced Payment Guarantees: Guarantees issued to companies to secure payments made in advance for products or services. The guarantee assures the beneficiary that the funds advanced would be utilized for the intended purpose and would not be misappropriated

  • Performance Bonds: A Bond issued to protect the beneficiary against loss in case the terms of the contract are breached, or the contractor is unable to perform his obligation according to the terms stipulated in the contract

  • Bank Guarantees: A Guarantee issued by the bank assuring that payment for a specific transaction would be made when due according to the terms of a referenced contract irrespective of the obligor’s financial position at the time

  • Bid Bonds: a Guarantee from the bank confirming that funds required to execute the project would be available

For further information or to discuss your particular financing needs, please contact the Corporate Banking team at:

Other Services


  • Corporate Banking

  • Fixed Income Trading

  • Foreign Currency Trading

  • Treasury Sales

  • Investment Banking

  • Wealth Management

  • Segregated Portfolios

  • Interest Rate Trading