Foreign Currency Trading

At FSDH Merchant Bank, we offer our clients a broad range of foreign exchange products and services as well as investment opportunities in foreign denominated financial instruments. The wealth of knowledge in foreign exchange flows at regional/global levels and expertise in analysing market developments, enable the FSDH team to tailor foreign exchange products to meet customers’ needs and to provide value.

Added Foreign Exchange Solutions and Services including:
  • Foreign Exchange Provision in Major Currencies: Sourcing of key currencies including USD, GBP, EUR & JPY done competitively through the local and foreign interbank markets on behalf of our various customers. This can be for visible and invisible transactions
  • Open Bid Participation for FX: We participate in auctions of FX earnings derived from exportation (especially Oil) as well as other sources of FX flows in exchange for the local currency needed for funding activities.
  • Investment Outlets: We provide platforms for yield optimization of foreign currency deposits through vehicles such as Eurobonds, FCY-denominated CPs, CLN and attractively priced Term deposits.
  • Hedge Products for Future FX Obligations/Inflows (FX Forwards): We provide hedging solutions to support the portfolio de-risking and efficient cashflow planning of our customers.

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