Our Treasury and International Banking Group, which comprises of a team of experienced and specialized traders, analysts and sales managers, is charged with the responsibility of delivering innovative and value-adding treasury products and services, with emphasis on sales, trading, portfolio management and financial solutions.
Our robust research and IT infrastructure gives support to our business and helps in the execution of trades with respect to local and foreign instruments targeted at both off-shore and on-shore clients.

The Group is structured along the following lines:

  • Fixed income Trading – We engage in trading a wide variety of Fixed Income products such as Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTBs), Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Bonds and Nigerian Sub-National and Corporate bonds with varying characteristics with regard to maturity profiles and coupon payments.
  • Foreign Currency Trading – We provide our clients with a range of international banking services which include spot and forward trades in various currencies as well as investments in foreign currency denominated instruments.
  • Treasury Sales – We are active in the sale and distribution of fixed income products as well and FX related transactions to non-bank clients. 
  • Interest Rate Trading – We create short-term assets and liabilities to enhance clients’ yields. 

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