Corporate and Investment Banking

FSDH Merchant Bank’s Corporate and Investment Bank is a full-service Corporate and Investment bank offering bespoke Corporate and Investment Banking Solutions to Middle and Large tiered Corporates and Structured Businesses. Through dedicated relationship teams, industry specialists and product experts, the Corporate and Investment Bank serves a wide group of clients including some of the Nigeria’s largest businesses across different industries.

Our relationship managers through years of industry and banking experience have a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of complex financial challenges facing client’s businesses. Combined with a strong knowledge of the broad set of services offered by the bank, this understanding allows the team to effectively deliver custom-made, value adding innovative solutions to our discerning clientele.
FSDH’s Corporate and Investment Bank provides the full range of Corporate and Investment Banking Debt and Equity Solutions.

These Solutions include but are not limited to Short, Medium and Long Term Debt, Quasi-Equity and Equity solutions, Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange Services, Advisory Services and Structured Products.

For further information, please contact the Corporate & Investment Banking Team at:

+234 (0) 1 2882111 -2