Whistle Blowing in FSDH
  • Whistle blowing is a channel open to all stakeholders to report unethical conduct involving or affecting an organization.
  • Whistle blowing in FSDH Merchant Bank Ltd is done through the Ethics Line of KPMG Professional Services, an international auditing and consulting firm.
  • The KPMG Ethics Line is an independent whistle blowing channel that enables you and other stakeholders to report incidents of misconduct within or affecting FSDH Merchant Bank Ltd
  • This process, using an independent party, has been designed to give you the opportunity to report your concerns in strict confidence. In order words your identity is protected since it will not under any circumstance be revealed to FSDH Merchant Bank Ltd without your permission
  • Please note that whistle blowing is different from making a Customer Complaint. Customer complaints arise from dissatisfaction with the products and services rendered by an organization while whistle blowing is concerned with serious misconduct or unethical behaviour involving employees, management or directors of an organization
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To make a whistle blowing report, please fill the form below
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