FSDH People

Our people are our greatest asset in delivering true value and creating enduring wealth for our stakeholders. Over the years, the competition has tried to replicate our systems and processes yet we have continued to maintain our leadership position.  This is because the FSDH person is professional, research oriented, proactive, analytical and passionate about value addition and by implication different.

It is our belief that employees are the only truly inimitable resource that financial institutions in our business can possess. Whilst our products and services can be emulated, the FSDH person – unique and inimitable – cannot. It is our belief that our members of staff are part of the total product/service we deliver and are our major differentiating factor for the services that we render.

To this extent, FSDH has developed its innate culture and all members of staff are encouraged to conduct themselves in accordance with the main principles of excellent customer service, image building, collaboration, learning and high performance – principles on which the FSDH culture was developed.

In order to ensure that this culture forms part of our daily lives at FSDH, several initiatives were designed and undertaken. One of those initiatives is to single out a member of staff who has more patently exhibited the values we have adopted and to celebrate them as role models. Since 1999 we have celebrated 16 FSDH persons of the year in two categories, senior and junior.