Our Brand Essence

The FSDH Brand is all about professionalism, integrity, good quality, safety, reliability; all for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders. We provide well researched information through our newsletters, which helps our clients make informed decisions.
At FSDH, we espouse the conservative values of honesty, integrity and discretion in our approach to work. Our key brand benefit is our commitment to partner with our clients to ensure they derive tangible benefits from the relationship with us. We achieve this by providing expert financial analysis, which enables them create wealth and achieve financial security.
Our reliable information gathering process facilitates investments in safe high-yielding products, which guarantee peace of mind for the investor.
The convenience of our clients is also very important to us hence we provide IT solutions for them to monitor, value their investments, make payments and view market information; all on-line, without calling-in or leaving their office. Clients also get e-contract notes within 24 hours of trade, saving time and avoiding paper clutter.

The ultimate benefit for our clients is creation of long term wealth. Our customers are able to feel relaxed and in control, thereby raising the confidence they have in the effective management of their financial affairs.
The FSDH brand stands for :
  •   Partnership with our customers
  •   Integrity – our word is our bond 
  •   Professionalism in the way we do business

The ultimate goal is to create wealth and assist our clients in their path to financial success.